We offer a 3 types of classes and specialist puppy ones too.... see below... 

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Introductory Workshop 

In this 3 hour workshop we will introduce you and your dog to the background and theory of Mantrailing.

Learn all about 'the game' and how to work as a team.

Leash handling skills.

Read your dog's body language.

Build the right foundations and begin your Mantrailing journey together. 

Learn what's available to progress from your intro session, SO much more.............


Introductory Workshop - if none available please contact via email or mobile


Regular Progression Training Sessions

You and your dog can train with us regularly to progress your handling skills and your dog’s Mantrailing skills.  We offer a variety of venues to keep trails interesting and challenging for you both. Trailing for all levels of dog and handler. We will be focusing on working in semi urban, rural environment's and industrial/town centres as well as under distraction.

Regular Training Sessions &

 1-2-1 Tuition Available

Are you looking for puppy classes?

dog running with toy

Click here to find out more about our brand new puppy classes!

You and your dog can train with us regularly to progress your handling skills and your dog’s Mantrailing skills.  We offer a variety of venues to keep trails interesting and challenging for you both.


You may wish to work through our progression booklets for each Level and see you and your dog's mantrailing skills improve


Why not work towards Mantrailing UK level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Assessments?





I would always recommend that you have a specific harness just for trailing so they understand they are going to work.  Some are used to a harness as an everyday essential to walking so they can have a bandana added instead to give them the heads up!

It’s important to have a harness that fits well and the Y ones are best shaped so the shoulders and front legs are free when the head is down on the ground sniffing and it does not restrict the movement or breathing.

It’s best not to use a harness that has been designed to stop your dog from pulling as when they are trailing, they will pull as they track the missing person.

A Long Line

A long line is attached to the harness whilst trailing. This allows the handler to maintain control of the dog whilst allowing the dog to freely search.

There are various lines available ranging from biothane – rolled or flat, rope, textile and rubber, rope and leather to Whichever you decide to use, I can advise you find what works for you and your dog.

If you would like to borrow a line to try it out before you decide to buy, I have several and it will enable you to find something which is right for you before investing in your own.

You are recommended to buy your own kit because the harness is then always set up ready to go and does not need adjustment every time you use it.



In order to ensure you have a positive and enjoyable experience Mantrailing, please bring the following items:

For You

  • Sensible out door clothes and shoes/walking boots (no flipflops)

  • Waterproofs

  • Refreshments

  • Gloves (cycling/gym/sailing gloves are good if you have them for strong dogs)

  • Insect repellent, sun cream, hat - if needed

For your dog

  • Water and a bowl

  • Really good food rewards (see below)

  • Harness (don’t put on until instructed)

  • Favourite toy, if your dog has one

  • If you have a long line, ideally 10m, please bring (spares are available to borrow)

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag


  • Poo bags - please take home with you, may be no bin at venue

  • Small lidded containers eg. Tupperware - 2 per trail either refill or have 6

  • Crate for car, or whatever you need to keep your dog safe in between trails

  • Car cover or blanket to keep your car shaded if the weather is hot

  • Food Rewards -high value

  •  No kibble please! IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  •  Wet dog food/pate/sausages or hot dogs/sardines/mackerel/tuna   chopped up

  • Cheese chunks or squeezy cheese like primula/cooked chicken chopped or similar

  • Your unique scent article - glove, hat, scarf, brush to name a few                                                                                 



Mantrailing sessions are are held at a many locations across Norfolk and Suffolk and are designed to train your dog to work in a variety of terrains; Rural, Urban and often a mix of both; with different  environmental scenarios and conditions. Railway Stations, Bus stations, museums, parks to name a few.


Venue Location for an  Introduction to Mantrailing Courses - are held at Rookery Business Park, Silver Street, Attleborough NR17 2LD. A quiet park with easy access from A11,excellent parking with varied surfaces and ideal for learning to trail with your dog in a safe environment away from dog walkers and other distractions. If requested can be run on the Norfolk/Suffolk Border to cover, Eye, Stradbroke, Framlingham and many more


Mantrailing Classes are for these that have attended an introduction to Mantrailing course with any Mantrailing Accredited Instructor and are looking to progress their training and develop the skills and knowledge to create a super trailing team. The follow on classes are held in many local towns and villages near by and are suitable for all dogs